Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Can Draw Animals

I Can Draw Animals
By Ray Gibson
Review By Tonya Dirksen 
I Can Draw Animals ranks #2 of most popular Usborne Books.  It is certainly Angel's favorite book and a favorite at every home show.  It is a part of the Usborne Playtime series which offers learning activities that are original and fun.  This book has simple step by step instructions that even the youngest artist can follow.    Each animal picture is shaded and colored in such a way that is easy to copy.  Every picture comes out cute and framable.
This is Angel's lion.
This is Angel's flamingo.   She is so proud of it!
This is Angel's frog. 
Aren't her pictures fantastic?  Angel is five years old and can follow the instructions on her own to create such cute pictures.
Little sister, Shelli joins in!
Our favorite animals to draw are the lion, sleeping cat with a cute little mouse sneaking past and the bumble bee.  Angel can draw them by herself but we often draw together for a great family time!
This book is an awesome deal at $4.99!  It can be purchased at or call me at (916) 812-2875.

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