Saturday, February 13, 2010

Create Your Own Take-along Book Bags!

Children learn best when they do an activity that goes along with a story Book Bags are very educational and foster imagination, creative thinking and a love of books in children!  The library has book bags for check out and Usborne Books sells Kid Kits.  But you can make your own by combining a book, an activity or two and a few supplies to go with it.

A Book Bag is a great take-along, a handy way to carry literature and related activities wherever busy people go with their children. 

You can make one for your own children or put one together for a birthday or baby shower gift.

Here are some ideas!

The Farmyard Tales Storybook and The Complete Book of Farmyard Tales can be paired with train sets and farm animal toys.  The children can  act out stories such as Pig Gets Stuck, Naughty Sheep and Rusty's Train Ride as you read them aloud.

Another idea is to put together supplies needed to make paper bag puppets and lead the children to make animal puppets that can be used to act out the stories.

Put paper, pens and crayons in a kit with I Can Draw People, I Can Draw Animals or The Big Book of Playtime Activities. Take the bag along with you in the car and use in waiting rooms. Any of these would also make a great birthday gift!

Many of the books can be paired with a stuffed animal for a toddler's birthday or a baby shower gift.  The child can use the stuffed animal for acting out the story as well as a companion to read to! 

There are a lot of cute stuffed dogs and cats that will go with That's Not My Puppy and Find the Kitten.

I found a lot of finger puppets at garage sales that are perfectly paired with The Usborne Book of Fairy Tales.  Children can act out the Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and The Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood.

Recycling Things to Make & Do is an easy one to pair with supplies!  Just collect paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, paper clips, rubber bands, nails, scraps of paper, glue and scissors.  Have everything ready to do the great activities inside! 

That's Not My Angel:  This next one just needs one Angel!  Not every family will be able to put this kid kit together!

Be creative!  Use these ideas to come up with your own Book Bags!  Your children will have fun learning!

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