Sunday, February 21, 2010

ABC Scavenger Hunt

It is going to rain again this week!  That means more indoor time!  A great activity that is fun and reinforces letter and sound recognition is the great ABC Scavenger Hunt. 

First, place alphabet cards on the floor.

Then have your children run around the house looking for objects that start with the different letters of the alphabet.

We found a monkey puppet and a moose for the letter M.  Shoes, sandals and soccer ball for the letter S.

Shelli found yellow yarn for the letter Y.

This game was fun and the children didn't even know they were learning!  They learned letter and sound recognition while running around looking through their toys.

  Different children need different levels of help.  I would say the sound for Angel and she would brainstorm words that sounded the same. 

I just told Shelli what to go find!

Angel was proud to find 2 rabbits for the letter R.

We went in order from A to Z except when Shelli brought a toy out of order.  Then we would figure out what card her object belonged on!

They had a great time and even enjoyed the clean up.

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  1. Hi Tonya! I found your blog through We Teach - such a fun scavenger hunt - the kids look like they enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing!!!