Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Usborne Little Book of Flowers

"Flowers have played an important role in people's lives for thousands of years.  They have formed part of festivals and rituals, inspired artists, poets and storytellers and even been used as charms for love and luck."

Did you know?

In the past, when most people couldn't read or write, flower symbolism was a language that everyone understood.
Sometimes what you might think is a single flower is actually made up of lots of smaller flowers called florets.
Patterns on the flower's petal, called nectar guides show insects where to find nectar.  Some types of flowers have nectar guides that only bees can see!

A butterfly can unfurl it's tube-like mouthparts to reach deeper into flowers than bees can.
In the right conditions, some plants can grow from a single leaf!

It's said that the flower of the month you were born in will bring you good luck.
Many flowers take their names from ancient stories which explain how they came to exist or why they look or grow the way they do.

This little book is a treasure trove of flowery facts, folklore and things to do.  There are step by step instructions for planting gardens as well as for painting, drying and pressing flowers.
Because this book is Internet-linked, you can download many of the illustrations to use in crafts and reports, play garden games and watch flower movies.

Packed with charming illustrations and facts, The Usborne Little Book of Flowers makes the perfect gift for flower-lovers of all ages.

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